Find the right EV Charger for your Electric Vehicle

Our mission is to make this choice easy.

The goal of EVIG is to make this a simple journey to chose your EV Charger

How do I start?

Simply search for your Electric Vehicle Brand, then scroll down to your car type.

How do I choose the ones on offer?

EVIG uses an AI logarithm to support the chosen EV Chargers for your Electric Vehicle.

You need to decide on the price segment your want to pay and if you need any other services from your EV Charger if say more than one person will use the EV Charger.

Other requirements could depend upon if you have a smart home and need additional data from the EV Charger.

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We have chargers compatible with all plug-in electric vehicle brands

Home Charging

EV-IG will support you with the choice of EV Charger at your home.

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EVIG Kommerziell

EV-IG will advise you on options for EV Charger requirements at your chosen location. We will work with our partner companies to create and individual solution for you.

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EVIG Arbeitsplatz

EV-IG will advise you on options for your EV Charger Infrastructure requirements and work with our partner companies to design a solution for your current and future needs.

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