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EV-IG will support you with your choice of EV Charger at your home now and in the future.

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EV-IG will advise you on options for your EV Charger Infrastructure requirements and work with our installation service partners to design a solution for your current and future needs.

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Our mission is to make EV transportation easy.

We set out on our journey armed with the belief that we had the solution to a friend’s problem. He wanted to buy an EV Charger for his electric car, but like most of us, he was not a hobby electrician and he found it difficult to work out which charger he needed to buy. We realised he was not alone. Since then our mission has been clear, to simplify your transition to electric transport.

EV-IG was born out of the belief that EV-Charging should be simple for everyone. This is behind everything we do, from carefully choosing the best chargers for our shop to supporting you to define and install a charging solution tailor made for your business needs. Use our technical knowledge of EV chargers to Go clean. Go far.



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