Wallbox Commander 2 – 22kW 7m Cable

 Wallbox Commander is an advanced, intelligent charging system for electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids. Commander is designed to offer maximum recharging performance, efficient use of energy and a customised experience for charging your vehicle. Suitable for installation, in private garages and community or company parking.

Through the myWallbox platform, you can monitor energy consumption, view charging history and schedule charging sessions. You even have the option of configuring your Wallbox so that it charges at the most cost effective time of day.

1.439,00 Incld. MwSt. Net Price: 1.209,24



Key Features

  • Seven inch touch screen interface
  • Adjust the charging power or control your consumption via the screen.
  • Lock/unlock the charger to prevent unauthorized use.
  • Program charging sessions while the energy is most economical via the charger screen.
  • Available in Black and White

 General Specifications

Model – Commander2

Data Sheets

Wallbox Commander2_DE

Wallbox Commander2_EN

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