Innogy eBox 11 kW

Innogy eBox

From now on you can charge your electric car while you sleep – at home at your own electric filling station. Connect your electric vehicle to the innogy eBox in the evening and start the day in the morning with a full battery. It couldn’t be more convenient! Depending on the battery capacity, the charging time is between one and a half to 13 hours.
The eBox can be installed on a wall, for example on your parking space or in your garage. Please note that professional installation by an electrician is required to use the eBox. The weatherproof wallbox is very easy to operate and provides your electric vehicle with a reliable power supply





Key Features

  • Compatible with all electric vehicle models
  • Connection to a standard household power supply
  • Activation by key
  • Multi-coloured LED indicates charging process and charging status
  • Made in Germany

Data Sheets

Innogy eBox Type 2 DE

Innogy eBox_cable_RFID_11kW

3.7kW Version

Innogy eBox_cable_RFID_3,7kW